Our technology is based on the use of mesoporous silica materials that serve as stabilizers for the amorphous form of the API. By impregnating the hydrophilic silica material with a concentrated API solution in a volatile solvent, the API is deposited into the internal mesopore system of the carrier. Confinement to the mesopores, which are only a few times wider than the API itself, results in a suppression of recrystallization of the API. As such, our mesoporous silicas are excellent stabilizers for amorphous APIs. On contact with water, the confined, amorphous API, which is spread out over the large internal surface of the carrier, dissolves rapidly to subsequently diffuse into the bulk medium. This release process is associated with the generation of supersaturation of the API, which offers the potential to improve oral bioavailability.

Key features of our technology include:

  • Great potential to enhance apparent solubility and dissolution rate
  • Excellent physical and chemical stability
  • High API loading capacity
  • Processable into high dose tablets
  • Applicability to a broad range of APIs